Upcoming Classes and Events

Weekly Opportunities to Connect

Do you want to connect with other oilers?  Our amazing Diamond leader Kara Cozier (who happens to be the one that introduced me to Young Living) has put together this schedule that is happening every week.  I have been enjoying these Zoom meet ups and I would love for you to join us too!  I promise that you will learn something new, and if you join for Bingo, you might even win a prize too!

These calls and Bingo sessions are open to everyone- even if you aren't using Young Living oils yet!  They are a great way to learn more about YL and the products we have to offer.

Let's Talk

Do you want to share oils and this amazing lifestyle with the people in your life but you're just not sure how? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔

Since we're on lockdown for the indefinite future, and in-person gatherings are not feasible, I've got an idea for you...💡

Would you like to host a "party" for your friends and family where we have a SUPER casual conversation about wellness, oils, what they are, and how we use them?

You gather the people, invite them to a Zoom 💻 based on your preferred time/day, and I will lead the conversation and YOU will help your friends and family get started.


Now, more than EVER, people are SEEKING OUT wellness in their lives. 🌱💧 YOU hold the key to help them. And this key is quite valuable, and could bless your family (and theirs) in ways you could NEVER IMAGINE. 💫

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