What is Essential Rewards?

Have you heard about Essential Rewards (ER)?  ER is a monthly auto ship program that Young Living offers.  People hear the word "auto ship" and are terrified.  I promise, you don’t need to be afraid of ER!  Participating in the ER program lets you earn points that can be used for FREE products.  Who doesn’t love free?


Essential Rewards is free to sign up for and there are no cancellation fees.  You can cancel at any time. You do not sign a contract to sign up for ER. To receive your FREE product points you must be on ER for 2 months before you can cash them in. There is a $50.00 minimum monthly order required to be on ER.


The longer you are on ER the more points you earn!  The first 3 months that you are on ER you will earn 10% back in points.  For example if you ordered 100 PV (PV= point value, the PV for most products is equal to the wholesale price, but there are some exceptions to that.  The PV is listed in the catalog and online with the price of the product) worth of YL product and are in the first 3 months of ER you will receive 10 PV back that month to spend on product.  Months 4-24 you will earn 20% back and months 25+ you will earn 25% back!  On top of the 24% off you receive for simply being a member that is 49% of your favorite YL products.  Loyalty gifts are also given after 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months of ER orders.  


"But I don't think I will spend $50.00/month so I don't want to sign up."

I thought that too when I first joined but as I used the oils and saw their benefits, I wanted to add more to my collection.  I have also begun replacing items like lip balm, toothpaste and household cleaner with non-toxic YL products.  I have ordered refills of some of the bottles that came with my Premium Starter Kit, and I have added several new oils since I joined ER.  As I learn more about essential oils, I have begun to compile a wish list of items that I would like to try.  Each month as I put together my ER order, I check to see if I am low on any of my oils, and then I look at that wish list to pick something new to try too.


Can I be on ER if I am a retail customer?

Unfortunately, no. This is a program reserved for YL wholesale members. If you are currently signed up as a retail member, but you want to take advantage of wholesale pricing and the benefits of ER, you can switch your membership from retail to wholesale by calling YL customer service.  You will need to order a starter kit, and customer service can get you set up with that.  


What else do I need to know about Essential Rewards?


  • you can change the date of the month that your order ships each month to fit your schedule

  • you receive reduced flat rate shipping on ER orders

  • you can start, stop and restart at any time (you will go back to 10% back in points when you restart)

  • you can change your order each month- you are not locked in to purchasing certain products


How do I get started with Essential Rewards?


It is easy!  You can call YL and they will help you set it up or you can:

1. Log into your virtual office on the YL website
2. Go to the Essential Rewards Tab
3. Choose your processing day
4. Choose your products (min of 50 PV)
5. Confirm your address for shipping and payment method
6. Make sure your order SAVES!!

** If you do not change your order each month you will receive the same products.  You have until 11:59 PM on your order date to change your order.  Orders are usually delivered in 5-7 days, but you can chose a quicker shipping method if you want it sooner.

** If an order goes out of stock it will likely get pulled out of your cart so make sure you are watching your cart so your PV does not drop below 50 PV or you can use the PV assistant found in the ER section to add product that you would like the assistant to add to your order if something goes out of stock and gets pulled out of your cart. 



How do I use my points?


When you place a quick order, you may apply your Rewards Points in lieu of other payment methods at checkout. You will find your Essential Rewards Points and redemption form on the left side of the Checkout - Payments page. Check on the product you wish to apply points to.  The product is free using your points and you pay the shipping with whatever method of payment you have on file (or choose a different method).  Enjoy using your ER points! 


I hope this answered your questions about Essential Rewards!  It really is a great program.