What is Subscribe to Save?

Subscribe to Save is Young Living’s monthly auto ship program that unlocks a 24% discount as long as there is an active subscription order. Being enrolled in Subscribe to Save makes you eligible to earn reward points and loyalty gifts through our Loyalty Rewards program.


How Do I Qualify For Discounts via Subscribe to Save?

What Flexibility Do I Have In Editing My Subscription Orders?

Subscribe to Save gives you the flexibility to log in to your account and change:

  • Frequency: Select how often you receive each item.

  • Add-Ons: Make one-time purchases and receive the same discount you’ve unlocked on your subscription order.

  • Items: Individually edit subscription items at any time or switch them out to try new products.

  • Months: Skip a month if you have too much of one item and try out another item to suit your needs.

  • Cancellations: Cancel individual items on subscription anytime.

Is Subscribe to Save the same thing as Young Living’s previous Essential Rewards program?

Subscribe to Save has all the same benefits as our previous program—receive your favorite YL products each month via auto ship, while being eligible to earn reward points when you spend 50 PV or more on subscription- with a few added features, which are new to Subscribe to Save: • More flexibility to manage your subscriptions—you can change the frequency at which you’d like to receive certain products, the quantity of each product, the ability to skip a month on certain items that you may have enough of, and the ability to cancel and switch out items based on what you need.

Is there a minimum dollar amount or PV (point value) required for my Subscribe to Save order?

No, there is not a minimum dollar amount or PV required for your Subscribe to Save order; however, just 50+ PV each month on subscription earns you reward points!

How many reward points can I earn for my subscription order if I spend more than 50 PV?

You’ll receive reward points based on a percentage of the PV (point value) of your subscription order. The percentage you receive depends on how many consecutive months you have placed a 50+ PV subscription order. There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn in a month. 

  • 1–3 consecutive months with a 50+ PV subscription order earns you 10 percent of your order PV back in reward points.

  • 4–24 consecutive months with a 50+ PV subscription order gets you 20 percent of your order PV back in reward points.

  • 25+ consecutive months with a 50+ PV subscription order gets you 25 percent of your order PV back in reward points.

Subscribe to at least one item, no matter the frequency, and unlock a 24% discount off your subscription order, as well as on any future one-time purchases!


Discount is based on PV (point value) of items you’ve subscribed to. If you have already unlocked the 24 percent discount, you will retain that discount for 12 months from the date you were transitioned to the new website. At that point, you will need to enroll in Subscribe to Save or make a 100+ PV purchase to continue earning your discount.